Pickup Bed Tray Liner Under Rail for Extra Cab

Pickup Bed Tray Liner Under Rail

Toyota Hilux Mk6 Extra Cab Pick-Up Under Rail Load Bedliner

Proform pick-up truck bedliners are manufactured from a highly durable, chemical resistant and UV-stable Polyethylene type plastic. The Bed liners are designed to handle the toughest conditions and protect your pickup truck bed from impacts, scratching & spills in all environments, no matter if it’s the extreme cold of a Scandinavian winter or the heat of the Australian desert.

The ‘under-rail’ Toyota Hilux pick-up liner shown here is ideally suited where a tonneau cover, roller top or truck top is fitted to the truck bed. The under-rail liners are now by far the most popular bedliner due to their compatibility with other truck lids and covers.

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Our Proform pick-up truck liners all come with a 3year fully comprehensive warranty.